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A South Beach Restaurant For Seafood Fans

Welcome to Seawell Fish N’ Oyster. We’re a neighborhood spot where you can relax in an open, airy, organic space and fully enjoy regional seafood dishes along with inspired twists on American classics. You know, just to keep things interesting.

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Craig tooker | executive Chef

Living in Miami for over a decade I truly love how the food scene has grown, developed, and matured. Being in Miami I have always been fascinated with the diverse cultures and foods in the neighborhoods, local restaurants, and farm stands. Working with local farmers that are now leading the way towards organic, sustainable, and exotic produce has leant into how my menus and style of foods have grown and taken form over the years. I have also learned from the ladies and gentlemen that I have worked with or that live in my neighborhood about authentic flavors they grew up with in their households and try to incorporate the styles I learned growing up in kitchens in New York which were mostly lead by European chefs that brought Classical, Nouvelle, and Avant Garde styles of cuisine to refine and redefine local flavors that are prevalent throughout my menus.

amy upthegrove | general manager of restaurant, bar & events

I always knew that I wanted to work in hospitality, ever since I had visited Atlantis in Bahamas as an impressionable fifteen year old. My journey through Florida International University’s Hospitality Management program was an eye opening experience with exposure to large and small scale events, working alongside celebrity chefs and local businesses, and making connections with the best in our local network. After graduation, I worked as a Manager in select service and luxury hotels in Georgia, South Carolina, and South Beach, even being part of a Five Star team.  The Angler’s South Beach has given me the opportunity to come home to Miami with the Southern charm influence that I have gained from my years in the South plus a drive to deliver amazing, curated experiences in a swank, modern environment. 

Seawell Fish N’Oyster is the most beautiful, tranquil dining space on the beach and it soon enough, everyone will know it. My vision for Seawell is to be that niche neighborhood spot where you do not need a special occasion to visit, where afternoon spritzes and oysters is a normal local occurrence, where guests are going to have a charming meal every time, where storytelling is transcendent through a full encompassing dining experience. Working alongside Chef to showcase local, Miami inspired seafood paired with great wine and crafted cocktails for our visiting guests is the ultimate mission.