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A South Beach Restaurant For Seafood Fans

Welcome to Seawell Fish N’ Oyster. We’re a neighborhood spot where you can relax in an open, airy, organic space and fully enjoy regional seafood dishes along with inspired twists on American classics. You know, just to keep things interesting.

As a former Marine and a lifelong fan of Jacques Cousteau, it’s only natural that Chef Julian Garriga would become the vision caster of Seawell Fish N’ Oyster. Early days found him serving as a dishwasher at a north Florida barbecue pit and serving in the Marine Corps. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute in New York City, Chef Julian learned upscale modern American cuisine at The Oval Room Restaurant in Washington DC. For more than a decade, he’s been honing his skills at Miami hot spots like James-Beard awarded Michy’s, SRA, Martinez, Macchialina and Area 31. Now when he’s not coming up with creative takes on poutines and Scotch eggs at Seawell, Chef Julian enjoys hanging out with his wife and daughter.

Favorite seafaring movie? “Jaws”! I’m from the era of Steven Spielberg cinematic masterpieces. A close second would be “The Abyss.”
First or worst job? My first job was washing dishes at a BBQ joint where I grew up. Definitely made me appreciate repetitive kitchen tasks and gave me a sense of urgency that has never left me.
Canoe, catamaran or cabin cruiser? Hobie Cats, like in “Jaws.”
Which Gilligan's Island character are you most like? I guess I would have to go with Mary Ann because she was the cook on the island.
Any hurricane stories to share? Too many. I’ve lived in the Caribbean and Florida.
Beach volleyball or scuba diving? Scuba Diving for sure. I’m too short for volleyball. 
Any close encounters with scary sea creatures? Jellyfish stings hurt more than sea urchins. I can certainly tell you that.

Sophia’s love for restaurants is in her DNA. Growing up in South Florida, she spent her free time in her family’s restaurant, learning the ropes at a very young age. While still in high school, she landed a job at a local raw bar, solidifying her love for the industry. She pursued her passion at the University of Central Florida, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree from the Rosen College of Hospitality Management. Upon graduation in 2014, she moved to Miami and landed a restaurant manager position at Kimpton Surfcomber’s The Social Club. In 2016, she landed the position of Assistant General Manager at Kimpton Mason & Rook’s anticipated new restaurant, Radiator, in Washington, DC. After an incredibly successful opening, the west coast came a-knockin’, in 2017. Looking forward to another exciting adventure, Sophia moved cross-country to California to open Kimpton’s New American concept, Finch & Fork, in the beautiful Canary Hotel, in sunny Santa Barbara. Following yet another successful Kimpton restaurant opening in the books, Sophia was tapped to open Kimpton’s newest coastal seafare concept, Seawell Fish n’ Oyster in the renovated Kimpton Angler’s South Beach. 

Favorite seafaring movie:  The Little Mermaid. I’d love to be able to comb my hair with a fork!
First or worst job: I made tableside Caesar salads at my parents’ restaurant. My mom was my manager…
Canoe/Catamaran/Cabin Cruiser? Cabin cruiser… preferably a yacht.
Favorite Gilligan’s Island Character:  Mrs. Howell Aka: Lovey. She can be more spoiled than Thurston Howell, but is always wanting to try something new. 
Hurricane stories?  We were staying at my aunt’s house for one of the hurricanes that hit when I was a kid. She had an electric well. We lost ALL water. She had a long driveway lined with trees that fell during the storm so we couldn’t leave the house for 5 days; the house entrance was blocked with fallen trees and we had no water. We had to collect buckets of water to flush the toilet….
Beach volleyball or scuba? scuba
Scary seacreatures? I once stepped on a sea urchin in Puerto Rico. Let me just say that it doesn’t hurt as good it tastes…